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May(?)toberfest Season

It might not seem that way given the flowers have just started to bloom and the trees are finally leafing out, but Oktoberfest season is right around the corner. Don't worry. As usual, we have you covered on our Event Calendar with all the local and regional events we can find.

In the next few days we'll be adding plenty of familiar and maybe not so familiar events. So be sure to keep checking for updates. We even have a date for our Christkindlmarkt and Mardi Gras 2025!! Woo-hoo. Both of those events will be at new to us locations, and they're just awesome spots.

For you eastsiders, be sure to check us out at Fairport Canal Days on June 1st and 2nd. We'll be there all decked out in tracht with some great information on the dance clubs and our upcoming German Fest!

Don't worry, westsiders, we've got you covered too. Just as we have the past (gosh I have no idea... 15(!) years maybe), we'll be marching in the Spencerport Firemen's Carnival Parade on June 6th. So be sure to stake out your spot on the parade route early!

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