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Rochester Sänger Chor

President:     Heide Reinschmidt

The Saenger Chor has a history dating back to 1884 when it was founded as a double quartet. The group grew significantly after WWI with the influx of immigrants. Likewise after WWII when it reached its peak in membership.

The Chorus traveled to song festivals through the United States and also to Europe. A youth chorus was formed in 1947 that accompanied the chorus to many events. The 100th anniversary of the Saenger Chor was celebrated with a banquet and a 3 week tour to Germany and Austria.

The diminished flow of immigrants, aging of members and generally decline in interest in Choral singing caused a decline in membership and forced the chorus to make the sad decision that a viable chorus was no longer possible.

The Saenger Chor remains as a social group dedicated to expanding the understanding and appreciation of German music and traditions throughout our community. They meet monthly for lunch at various locations.

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