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Verein der Donaudeutschen

Verein der Donaudeutschen.png

The Verein der Donaudeutschen was founded in 1957 by newly arriving immigrants mostly from the Southeastern part of Europe. 

The Verein provided for new arrivals the opportunity to meet socially to promote German heritage, language and culture.

The Verein formed a Kindergarten and German weekend school as well as a Youth Orchestra who als performed at the New York World Exhibition and travelled to Germany to give performances there.

The club owned a park in Clarkson where many picnics were held but in 2007 the park had to be sold.  Since the membership was getting older and fewer people were attending meetings the club did not elect a slate of officers in 2014. Therefore, the club is now inactive. The Verein is a member of the Federation of German-Americian Societies in Rochester and of the Verband der Donauschwaben USA.

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