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Rochester Schwaben Verein


The Rochester Schwaben Verein, Inc., was organized on October 17, 1875. The original purpose of the Verein was to create an association of good fellowship, bringing together all the Schwaben people in the Rochester area to cultivate customs and language of their native land. By 1888, they formally became recognized as an aid and welfare organization because of the concern with the welfare of its members in those early years.

President:     Steve Meitzler

After more than a century since the organization of the Verein, today we still carry on the tradition of the Verein with more than 100 members. We have the affiliation of the Frauen Club, organized in 1936, which supports all endeavors of the Verein.

During its history, the Rochester Schwaben Verein was affiliated with the German House where it helped to manage the establishment with other local vereins. It also put on German plays in the second floor auditorium. The Schwaben Verein ran a weekend long German fest, at Barnard Exempt, from the 1970’s to the early 1980’s. The verein had a folk dance group that was active from the early 1950’s to the early 1960’s.

The verein is very active today taking several bus trips each year, including the Waldfest and Schlactfest near Buffalo.   We have a steak roast in the summer and a Christmas party in December.

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