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A Series of Unfortunate Events

OK, maybe not a series, but we do have some rather unfortunate news to share. After many successful and entertaining years of the FGAS Mardi Gras, we are unable to host one this year. We know this is sad news for many as it has been one of our most popular events.

For a long time the event has been held at the same location. However, because of many changes in logistics and cost, that location is no longer feasible. We have been looking diligently since October to secure another venue but were unable to do so.

Our mix of unique requirements for a venue does make finding a location challenging. The good news is that we are still investigating various places as we discover them and our hope is to bring back a bigger and better Mardi Gras for 2025! If anyone out there has any suggestions on a place we should check out, please email

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