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Missing in Action

So, I know you've all been checking and refreshing the page hoping to see a new blog post. Ready or not, here come the excuses (they're real and good, I swear!). Yours truly, the wonderous author of this fantastic blog has been in the process of moving. Not only that, but this move was a combination of two very well established households into one new, and, frankly much better and cooler, home.

However, that comes with the dreaded "downsizing" of stuff in addition to some much needed improvements to the new household. That has taken the bulk of my time. Additionally, my amazing son graduated high school this past January, and we had his party last weekend. Anyone who has planned a party for more than 10 people knows how much work goes into that.

On top of all that is the ordinary, mundane day-to-day stuff that keeps all of us busy. I do hope you'll all be so kind to extend some grace and offer forgiveness as I get back into the swing of things.

If you take a look at our calendar, it has been updated for the month of June. There are a couple events this month including a big German Fest at our RTV club in Lima. If you've never been before, it is a great event with the usual German food, music and beer! Plus, the setting is just fantastic. Maybe I'll see you there! Prost!

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