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Most Successful German Fest

This past weekend, August 12th and 13th, the weather could not have been better for our annual fundraising German Festival in Spencerport. The food was grilled, the beer was tapped, the music resonated and the dancers entertained.

On Friday night people patiently waited to buy tickets and, then, waited again in an even longer line to buy food. It was worth the wait as many enjoyed and none complained. Luckily, the bar line was mostly quick and there was plenty to go around.

The event officially opened at 7:30pm with the traditional tapping of the keg and playing of the national anthems. Once that was complete, the real fun started. Our dancers put on quite a performance with their "flying" dance and holtzhacker (woodchopper) dance. They also performed some traditional dances and got the crowd on its feet with the modern Rock Mi.

Saturday, the gates opened at 2PM and a steady stream of revelers filtered in throughout the afternoon and evening. At the 11PM closing Saturday night, 61 kegs had been kicked, sausage, desserts and pretzels were sold out and the volunteers were ready to kick back and relax.

We want to express our gratitude to all who attended and made this our most successful event ever in our 13 years in Spencerport. We hope to see everyone and do it all again next year. Prost!

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