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Countdown On!

It's the final stretch for us before German Fest, and, wow, are we busy!! In case you forgot our annual fundraising event is set to kick off Friday, August 11th at 5PM. We're keeping our fingers crossed for some stellar weather (think 2022). As it gets closer, we'll try to post the schedule and other information so that you can arrive ready to go.

If anyone out there is looking to help out, and score some free food and drink in the process (I mean, c'mon who doesn't love free stuff?!), we are always looking for volunteers to help. Even if you'd rather get your party on at the Fest, you're welcome to come down Tuesday through Friday and help set up. We always need help setting up tables, peeling potatoes, hanging signs, organizing the kitchen, cooking sauerkraut, decorating and lots of other stuff. Reach out to Emily at

Keep an eye on our photos page for some updates coming soon. We'll be including days of German Fest past and some fantastic moments from the Gaufest our dance clubs, Bavarian Verein Alpengrün and Schuhplattler Verein Heidengold, went to in Cleveland in July. It was a fantastic event, attended by dance clubs from all over North America (and one from Germany too)!

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